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Evia is an island to the east of central Greece, second in size to Crete. Nature lovers will find this place a paradise as the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea and the towering mountains with lush vegetation are fused into one island, creating majestic scenery. This makes Evia one of the prime holiday destinations in Greece and frequented by tourists throughout the year.
Achladi belongs to the municipality of Nileas, based in Agia Anna. Being surrounded by mountains covered with lash forest and vast grassland it is perfectly located for most tastes. Residents of the village are about 350 and engaged in farming and agriculture.
Located in North Evia, just 80 km from Chalkis, and 8 km north of Agia Anna. The area is also accessible by ferry, from the ports of Arkitsa and Glyfa in the prefecture of Fthiotida. (Arkitsa Port authority phone is: 0030-2233.091.290 and Glyfa Port authority phone is: 0030-2238.051.389).
It is a picturesque village built at an altitude of 250 meters on green hills surrounded by pine forests. North is the mountain Roudia 347 meters height. Outside the Achladi is a beach called Frangaki, which combines the sea and the mountains and is one of the most beautiful beaches of Evia.
Archaeological surveys in the region has brought important discoveries regarding the fauna, which have been found ponies and other mammals, dated back one million years.
Archaeological sites - Monuments:
The location is near the settlement, there remains, suggesting the existence of small ancient tower. 

Kerasentino or Paliospita 
There are ruins that testify to the existence of an ancient settlement.
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